GAY SCOUTS: Boy Scouts President Calls For Openly Gay Leaders

Published on May 22, 2015

I have a feeling a lot of parents are going to be pulling their kids from the Boy Scouts.

Federal Courts repeatedly upheld the right of private voluntary organizations like the Boy Scouts to deny membership to openly homosexual members. Under pressure from corporate donors, the media, and some in government, the Boy Scouts bowed to pressure and changed its policy on membership.

This did not satisfy anyone. Traditionalists broke with the Scouts and started new Scout-like organizations, and pressure continued to build from outside groups, including corporations, because the ban on openly homosexual leaders, rather than members, continued.

Over the weekend, Robert Gates, former U.S. secretary of defense and current head of the Boy Scouts told a national gathering of Scouts that the ban on homosexual leadership has to change because the ban is not sustainable in the current environment of threats and lawsuits.

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