GERALDO: ‘ABC Fired Me Over a $200 Donation’, Stephanopoulos Gives $75k To Hillary & That’s OK?

Published on May 15, 2015

Geraldo Rivera calls out Stephanopoulos on his Clinton cash. It isn’t getting any prettier for little George.

Geraldo Rivera says that he was fired by ABC because he donated $200, and he wants to know why George Stephanopoulos is being treated so differently by the same network.

“In 1985, after fifteen great years, I was fired by ABC News,” Rivera wrote in a post on his Facebook page Friday. “The official reason for my firing was a non-disclosed $200 donation to a family friend running in a non-partisan mayoral campaign in New Bedford, Massachusetts.”

However, Rivera, who now works for Fox News, contends that the real reason he was fired was because of an unrelated reason — he “was estranged at the time from my boss Roone Arledge” because he had “complained publicly after Roone spiked a colleague’s 20/20 story about the Kennedy brothers’ relationship with Marilyn Monroe.”

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