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GOV. ABBOTT: “Texas Open Carry Passed. Next Destination … My Pen!”

Another win for the second amendment in Texas.

After years of grueling hard work, an open carry bill has just passed the Texas House and Senate!

As many may remember, Governor Greg Abbott publicly stated months ago that he’d sign any open carry bill landing on his desk. Immediately following the 102-43 House vote, it appears Abbott is true to his words. He tweeted, “Open carry just passed in both the Texas House & Senate. Next destination: My Pen.”

Following the passage of HB 910, Texas Carry issued the below press release:


Many hours of hard work and we have finally reached our goal this session. What the TSRA said couldn’t be done, was accomplished today. We would like to thank the Texas Carry team and members for the many sacrifices made over the last two years. We could not have done it without you. This also could not have been possible without the hard work of CJ Grisham and Open Carry Texas. When everyone was telling them to stop, they pressed forward towards the mark.

We were informed that the unexpected Friday vote was called to stop a planned filibuster by the Democrats. We applaud and appreciate leadership’s quick action to ensure the success of open carry in Texas.

A personal thank you goes out to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, House Speaker Joe Strauss, Senator Craig Estes and Representative Larry Phillips for working closely with Texas Carry to achieve this historical day.

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