‘HELL’S WAITING ROOM’: Check Out Where Boston Bomber Muslim Wuss Will Await Death

Published on May 20, 2015

Let’s hope this is the closest to hell he will get until his execution.

“Pretty close” to hell.

That’s how former supermax prison warden Robert Hood — a man who has seen 20 years of hardened criminals with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and been in the room with some of the world’s worst terrorists — described the place where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may await his death.

He’s also referred to it as “the Harvard” of America’s prison system.

Now sentenced to death, the Boston bomber could await his execution at the notorious ADX Supermax facility in Florence, Colorado.

After Tsarnaev’s formal sentencing this summer, the Federal Bureau of Prisons will decide whether he is sent to the the ADX Supermax or a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute. He could easily spend decades in the hell hole because of the lengthy appeals process.

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