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‘I’D RATHER GO BLIND’: Dude With Bleeding Eyes Refused To Sign Up For ObamaCare

I think this gent doesn’t like Obama. He opened a crowd funding page vs. signing up for ObamaCare.

A Republican who refused to get Obamacare or healthcare insurance while he was healthy now blames President Obama after discovering he is going blind and cannot afford his medical bills.

Luis Lang, 49, a self-employed handyman from Fort Mill, South Carolina, has bleeding in his eyes and a partially detached retina caused by his diabetes.

Mr Lang refused to buy health insurance and instead over the years prided himself on paying his medical bills as they came in.

When he finally turned to the Affordable Health Care exchange – which he had previously chosen not to do, in violation of the law – he thought help would be available in an emergency.

But he found out he was a month too late to enroll for ACA 2015, and he does not have enough money to get a federal subsidy to buy a private policy.

Now he and his wife blame President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats for passing a ‘complex and flawed bill’.

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