LYING LESBO: Preacher Gets Busted After Lesbian Lies About Him Being ‘Homophobic’

He spent 11 hours in a cell after being falsely accused by a lesbian while he preached on the street.

A Christian street preacher revealed yesterday how he was arrested and held in a cell for 11 hours after a lesbian falsely accused him of homophobia.

Rob Hughes, 38, was speaking in Basildon, Essex, when the woman said she was ‘gay and proud’ and he should ‘get down off your pedestal, you judgmental **** – homophobia is not in this town’.

However Mr Hughes – who had a voice recording of all he had said while preaching for 20 minutes that day – had not referenced homosexuality.

But Mr Hughes, of of Tooting, south-west London, was arrested after police said they had received a complaint from a member of the public that he had used homophobic and offensive language.

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