MSNBC VS PAMELA GELLER: Hypocrites and Victims

Written by Pauline Wolak on May 8, 2015

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” – Hillary Clinton, April 2015.  Women in the World Conference
Isis wants you to believe that they’re here in the United States.  If Sunday is any indication, we have good reason to.

As we all know by now, two would-be terrorists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, were shot and killed on Sunday.  The AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad art exhibit drew several hundred 1st Amendment-loving people to Garland, Texas.  The event was put on by Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). 

One would think the deaths would bring a sigh of relief. One would think we’d be happy that two criminals were stopped dead in their tracks, unable to commit the violent jihadist act they were about to commit.  One would think the mainstream media would be grateful.  I’m certainly not one to accuse MSNBC of thinking, however. While briefly mentioning Simpson’s criminal past, the good folks at the home of Al Sharpton, practically lamented the death of Soofi.  “Apparently a popular and well-liked student, Soofi sang in a school choir and performed in a production of Bye Bye Birdie, playing the role of Conrad Birdie.”

Geller garnered most of the attention in the article.  The writers were quick to point out the Southern Poverty Law Center labels the AFDI and SIOA as “hate groups.”  “The SPLC describes Geller as the “anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead,” adding, “She makes no pretense of being learned in Islamic studies.” 

Always the channel to go for broke, Evan Kohlmann (MSNBC’s Terrorist Analyst), had this to say on Hardball:

Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and it’s good to stand by that principle.  But these people are not standing by that principle.  They’re standing by the principle of hatred of other people.  When you provoke people and insight people that doesn’t make violent actions right, but don’t be surprised that it happens.  And these people are not only putting Americans here at home at risk, they’re putting American servicemen abroad at risk.

Subsequent MSNBC headlines include such gems as “Who is “Draw Muhammed” host Pamela Geller” and “Joe:  Why go out of your way to offend Muslims?”  I’d have been less surprised to find, “Pamela Geller kills Choir boy.”

I find it deliciously ironic the way this story has been spun by the mainstream media.  Always one to point out the fictitious “war on women”, they’ve no problem waging their own against Geller.  I thought we were over blaming the victim for the actions of their attackers?  As Geller herself pointed out, does this mean rape victims are to blame because they wear short skirts?  Where are the feminists on this story?  Why aren’t they coming out in droves to support Pamela Geller’s first Amendment rights?

What about Hillary Clinton?  The presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State has been awfully quiet about the thwarted terrorist attack.  Maybe she’s too busy endorsing checks from Saudi Arabia to her campaign…er, I mean, Clinton Foundation.  She did, however, have the time to speak at the Women in the World Conference in New York City at the end of April. 

Calling out the seeming unfairness of having to pay for your own abortions, Clinton actually called for a change in “religious beliefs.”  For that she is labeled a pioneer!  She’s the only vagina to vote for in the next presidential election!  Clinton/Ovaries 2016!!

America, for the love of God, wake up!  You’re being sold a bill of hideously hypocritical goods.  Hillary Clinton’s demanding a shift in Christian belief is celebrated while Pamela Geller’s views on Islam are labeled as hate crimes.   

We certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore.  Which is good, because I hear ISIS already is.

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