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MUSLIMS CHOP OFF CHRISTIAN PROF’S HAND: But Its Okay Because He ‘Blasphemed’ Their Sensitive Prophet

Here is Obama’s beautiful religion of peace.

Members of an extremist Islamist group chopped off a Christian professor’s hand because he set a grammar question which involved a character named Mohammed.

Professor T J Joseph from Kerala, India was brutally maimed by 13 members of the Islamic Group ‘The Popular Front’ because he used the name Mohammed in a grammar exam.

After giving the paper to his students Joseph was ambushed on his way home from church in 2010.

He described to India’s NDTV website how, following a number of lucky escapes from previous attacks, he was dragged from his car and then thugs slashed at his hand with knives.

Joseph has had to go through a number of surgical procedures to reattach and save what little remained of his hand and to treat other gashes sustained in the savage attack.

Read more: Daily Mail

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