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NOT BUYING THE PROPAGANDA! Multi-Racial U.S Marine Goes In On Racism

Racism is a real problem in America, anyone who says that it is not is either willfully ignorant, or just really stupid. Fact. Acknowledging that racism exists doesn’t mean that you support a lot of the b.s that individuals like Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton consistently push to further increase the already massive racial divide that exists between us “everyday” Americans.

Acknowledging racism doesn’t mean that you will be using it as a crutch, or that you will blame “the white man” for your shortcomings and or failures in life. Many people blame racism for their current station in life. However, a closer examination would reveal that the blame truly lies on their own poor decision making skills.

As a Latino who grew up in the South Bronx, I experienced racism from law enforcement, teachers, and my own peers. My situation was a unique one. You see, I have the light skin tone that apparently affords me the many great privileges that come with being white. The problem with this is that the “white” people, whom I’m supposed to benefit from, know that I am not white. However, the minorities of the darker hue whom I grew up with thought I was in a privileged position, and they treated me as such.

In plain English, what this means is that I was encountering racism and abuse not only from my “own” people, but also from the “standard” alleged racists whom minorities always whine and cry about. Is that the privilege you guys are talking about? If privilege means being abused by both sides, then yes, I am privileged.

This Marine is biracial and he talks about his views on racism, have a listen, he’s dropping some knowledge here! [Caution: Strong Language]

“I have a better chance of gong to college being multi-racial”!

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Angel Rodriguez

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