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NOT DESTINED TO BE: Man Finally Meets ‘Online Girlfriend’ & Their 1st Date Goes Bad, REAL BAD

This couple was definitely not meant to be. This online relationship quickly came to a tragic ending.

A British man who struck up an online relationship with a woman thousands of miles away watched in horror as she plummeted to her death from a cliff top just one day after they met in person.

James Nichols, 23, from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, travelled more than 8,000 miles to meet South African girlfriend Cheynee Holloway for the first time after they fell in love online.

However, just one day after he arrived into her home city of Johannesburg, the events worker was left devastated when his 21-year-old girlfriend fell from a cliff after rocks gave way beneath her.

The pair had been taking photographs while watching the sunset at Northcliff Hill – the second highest point in the city which reaches 5,000 feet in places – when the tragedy occurred.

As Mr Nichols set up a tripod to take a photograph of his girlfriend – who was reportedly stood on a large rock on the cliff top – the stone beneath her gave way and she fell more than 50ft to a pathway below.

Mr Nichols, a portrait photographer, clambered down the cliff face and tried to save his partner, performing CPR for 20 minutes before the emergency services arrived.

However, she suffered multiple injuries and could not be saved.

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