OBAMA VISITS SOUTH DAKOTA FINALLY: And The Locals’ Reaction Is Nothing Short Of Epic

South Dakotans apparently have good BS detectors. Check out the expressions on their faces.

Scroll down for picture and video.

As President Barack Obama stood in front of graduates of a South Dakota community college on Friday, he spoke passionately, but the faces of the crowd in front of him told a different story.

Residents of the Republican-majority state sat in the Lake Area Technical Institute gymnasium in Watertown, South Dakota, with their arms crossed, appearing bored and looking at their phones.

The day marked a celebration for Obama, who crossed the last state off his bucket list with his stop in South Dakota, marking visits to all 50 states since he took office in 2009.

But many South Dakotans seemed uninterested as the president claimed he saved the best state to visit for last.

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