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PHOENIX ‘DRAW MUHAMMED’ ORGANIZER: To Go Into Hiding After Death Threats From The Religion Of Peace

It’s the religion of peace, as long you do and behave exactly how they want you to.

Friday’s protest, organized by former Marine Jon Ritzheimer, was held outside the Islamic Community Center, a mosque attended by the two men who were killed by police after they attacked the Prophet Muhammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. The protest was peaceful, thanks in part to a heavy police presence, although it attracted a vocal counter-protest.

Ritzheimer told Fox 10 Phoenix that those protesting his event are “mad.”

“I’m having to sell my house. My family is in hiding right now,” he said. “I’m having to go into hiding after this because they’re calling for a ‘lone wolf’ to come and behead me. That’s following their book as it’s written … and that’s tyranny.

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Here is more footage from the event:

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