POWERFUL: Man Takes Terminally Ill Dog On Awesome Cross-Country Bucket List Trip

Published on May 29, 2015

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This gives a whole new meaning to ‘man’s best friend’. This man took his terminally ill dog on the adventure of his life across 35 cities and documented their journey on Instagram. Keep the Kleenex nearby, you’ll need them. Here are some of the pictures.

Neil Rodriguez adopted Poh from a shelter when he was just eight weeks old and 16 years later, he was given just weeks to live after experiencing kidney failure.

Rodriguez, a DJ, was scheduled to be in Arizona for a gig in March, but decided he didn’t want to leave his best friend behind fearing that he could pass away at any moment.

So Neil, his fiancée, and Poh backed their bags and an IV drip for the pooch, and set out for Arizona. Poh did so remarkably well on the journey that Neil decided he wanted to make an adventure out of it, hitting iconic American attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bourbon Street, the National Mall in D.C., getting strippers in Las Vegas (can’t confirm the stripper part), and touring the sites of his hometown city, NYC.

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