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RACIST, PRO SLAVERY ISLAM? Hatred Masquerading As Religion

by Mona Walter
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Islamic propaganda is fooling people by claiming that Islam, contrary to Christianity, is a religion of freedom and equality of all people.

But when we look closely at the Prophet Muhammad’s attitude toward slaves and the slave trade, we get a more accurate picture of Islam’s attitude toward freedom. Muhammad took many slaves and he was also one of the slave traders.

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyy writes about this in Muhammad’s biography, that he (Muhammad) owned four female and 27 male slaves. In the book Zad Al-Miad, written by a great Islamic historian, Jawziya, it is stated, that the Prophet Muhammad had many male and female slaves that he bought and sold. Muhammad bought more slaves than he sold, especially after he became a Prophet.

Even today ISIS and Boko Haram are taking or selling women — why? The right of Muslims to have sexual intercourse with female slaves is indicated in Qur’an 23:1-6 and 4:24 which gives Muslims sexual rights over their wives and over those “whom their right hands possess”.

Muhammad and Islam also makes a big difference regarding people from different parts of the world. Muhammad had a racist attitude toward blacks from Africa.

In Al Gawzyyia, pages 115 and 116, we read how Muhammad treated his black slave Zayd ibn Haritha. He forced him to carry the belongings of Mohammed’s friend while they were in the desert under the hot rays of the sun. Muhammad called him his ship.

Muhammad said that blacks are flat nosed slaves, Sahih Muslim Vol.9, pages 46 and 47.

Muhammad called the black people raisin heads, Bukhari vol.1, No. 662 & Vol.9, No. 256th In Sahih Muslim, Book 10, Number 3901, we can read how Muhammad bought a white slave, and for which he paid two black slaves. That means that blacks are less worth than whites for Muhammad.

Today Arab-speaking Muslims call black people Abd, which in Arabic means “slave”.

With this knowledge of Mohammed, and thus Islam’s view of humanity, and especially regarding blacks, it is beyond me, how any black person can continue to be a Muslim, or convert to Islam.

Today, the white Christian world recognized the abuses and injustices against the black population and also renounced the old-time atrocities.

When will the Islamic world do the same, instead of, as now, say that Islam has never been for oppression and slavery?

You black scholars and Imams, around the world and our Swedish mosques, how do you see this? How can you defend Muhammad´s and Islam´s racist views toward the blacks?

Being a black woman from Africa it gives me pain in my entire being, when my African brothers and sisters adhere to Islam. Especially when we understand how the Prophet Muhammed viewed the black people.

mona WalterMona Walter is an Islam analyst and Pundit. She came to Sweden from Somalia as a war refugee, 20 years ago. After she read the Quran, she journeyed to atheism, and then became a Christian 10 years ago. Her story can be seen on CBN’s The 700 Club. She resides in Sweden, with her family, under government protection due to threats from Muslims for leaving Islam.


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