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‘REAL LIFE PLANET OF THE APES’: Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy Fired for Tweets About Baltimore Riots

An Ohio Sheriff Deputy has been fired after posting tweets referencing to the Baltimore rioters to ‘Planet of the Apes’. See the tweets below…

SNS – A Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been fired after allegedly posting racially insensitive tweets.

An email sent to Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly, other local law enforcement and social justice groups by a concerned resident Wednesday morning called for the termination of Deputy Zachary Davis.

The tweets appear to reference the recent unrest between the community and police in Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s death in April.

One tweet posted on a Twitter account registered as Zach Davis on April 28 reads: “It’s time to start using deadly force in Baltimore. When they start slaying these ignorant young people it’ll send a message.”

Another post on the same day reads: “Baltimore the last few days = real life Planet of the Apes.”

This is the first deputy terminated from the office for inappropriate posts on social media, Kelly said.

Read more: Springfield News-Sun

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