SICK NEW TREND IN DOG FIGHTING: This Will Make Any Dog Lover See Red

Written by Ashley Lauren on May 21, 2015

It’s a disgusting “sport” organized and operated by people so vile they deserve to be executed via North Korea’s anti-aircraft firing squad. The “players”, terrified, abused, and tortured dogs forced to fight each other to the death. Sometimes these fights last for several hours with the ultimate demise of the dog a result of blood loss, shock, infection, and broken bones.

“Traditional” dog fighting usually takes place in someone’s backyard in a jerry-rigged arena made of 2×4’s and plywood, or in pits dug into the ground. Now, to evade detection by law enforcement, these barbarians have resorted to a new method of murder under the moniker of “trunking”.

Last week ten dogs in very bad shape were rescued from a suburban house in Miami. All of the dogs are believed to have been subjected to this new and especially cruel variation of dog fighting.

How does it work you ask? Well, the dog fighters pick a location and a time to meet. They bring their fighting dogs, and lock them in the trunk of their car. Yes…you heard that right…they lock two terrified dogs in a cramped, dark trunk, turn the music up, and drive around until they don’t hear fighting anymore.

The car is stopped, the trunk opened, and the deceased dog, the “loser”, is tossed on the side of the road like a fast food wrapper. The victor, probably mangled and bloody, lives to endure further torture and fighting.

Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states. It’s a despicable crime committed by weak, cowardly degenerates, against animals whose only crime is trying to please their masters. As a volunteer in an animal shelter, I’ve seen the scars both physical and emotional caused by dog fighting. The only thing more heartbreaking than the condition in which they enter the shelter, is having them crawl into my lap, eager for love, affection, and human contact after the torture they’ve endured at the hands of a dog fighter.

If you suspect dog fighting, trunking, or any kind of animal abuse, contact your local law enforcement immediately.

Ashley Intartaglia is a Florida native, Senior Vice President of an award winning political media and communications firm, and a frequent commentator on Fox News and Newsmax TV. She is also a passionate animal advocate and volunteer at a local shelter.