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It’s just called tolerance here in the US, and if you don’t agree. you’re obviously an Islamophobe.

By Walid Shoebat

Spanish police arrested two people on Tuesday suspected of distributing ISIS propaganda. The local La Vanguardia newspaper quoted police sources as saying the latest arrests were made in Cornella, a small town near Barcelona. All what Spain’s interior ministry had to show in order to arrest these sympathizers was that these Muslims were spreading ISIS propaganda:

“With their propaganda and proselytizing activities they were helping the ideology of the terrorist organization Daesh,” Spain’s Interior Ministry said in a statement, referring to ISIS by its Arabic acronym.

In late March in Badalona, four members of a family were arrested and earlier that month, a Moroccan woman was arrested for spreading propaganda intended to spread ISIS propaganda.

While ISIS propagandists should be put on trial as terrorists, as we see in Spain, in the United States we have ways to go in combating ISIS. One would presume that anyone who assists ISIS with online media should face criminal prosecution. This should include anyone proliferating ISIS social media that is intended as propaganda material done in order to recruit sympathy and support for ISIS. In the United States the government could use the “material support law” to prosecute for such activities under providing “technical expertise” to a designated terrorist organization.

But, this is highly doubtful that the “material support statute” could be constitutionally applied to the simple promotion of a terrorist group on Twitter, Facebook and the Internet since in the United States, the key issue in prosecuting distributors of terror recruitment  is whether such distribution is considered an “expression of sympathy for terrorist ideology” which would be considered “protected speech” and is not considered work that is undertook to support the terrorist group or assist its operations.

So in the United States, Muslims can publicly say (which they have done on countless occasions) that “we support Hamas,” “we support Hezbollah,” “we support Al-Qaeda,” and “we even support ISIS” and they pretty much can get away with it.

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