‘THE AUSTRALIAN HUGH HEFNER’: Parades Pics Of Scantily Clad Chicks And His Wife’s Grandparents Are Pissed

Published on May 18, 2015


Don’t let your granddaughter grow up to be a playboy’s ‘wife’…or this could be you.

The grandparents of the woman married to the ‘Australian Hugh Hefner’ have wept as they revealed their heartbreak at missing their granddaughter’s wedding and never having met their great grandchildren.

Their granddaugher, Taesha is married to Travers Beynon, also known as The Candyman and shares his life of lavish cars, scantily-clad women and ostentatious parties, with their children also living in the Gold Coast mansion.

The Candyman shares his controversial lifestyle through his social media page, with his wife making frequent appearances in little to no clothing.

In a picture deemed ‘degrading and disgusting’ by her grandfather Graham, Taesha is seen on her hands and knees being walked around by The Candyman on a leash, captioned ‘Candyman’s interpretation of “Doggy Style.”

Graham and Evon Appleby broke down on A Current Affair and said they are devastated at having no contact with Taesha and her two girls.

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Here are some of the pictures…

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