THE BIDEN EFFECT: Look What Happens When Biden Speaks at Naval Academy Graduation

Published on May 22, 2015

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have a good effect on these Naval Academy graduates.

Vice President Joe Biden today delivered an impassioned commencement speech for the graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy – but apparently he couldn’t keep everyone’s attention.

Photographs from the event in Annapolis, Maryland on Friday show that some of the underclassmen took the chance to catch up on a nap.

But the vice president looked happy to be there as he shook some of the graduates’ hands, holding on particularly tightly to one female sailor.

As he spoke before 1,070 graduates, he told them that U.S. foreign policy is re-balancing toward the Asia-Pacific region and said many of them will be stationed there ‘to keep the peace’.

Biden described tensions over China’s development in parts of the South China Sea as an example of challenges in that part of the world.

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