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Summer is usually a relaxing time for family vacations, a little rest and relaxation, a time to recharge one’s “batteries”, hang out with the kiddos and to get in some light summer beach reading.

Ahhh … summer. Pass me an ice cold Corona, por favor.

This summer, however, could be the beginning of the end for several Texas politicos who’ve been doing creepy crap when they were supposed to have been representing the Texans who trusted them and put their haggard backsides into office.

For those of you who don’t follow closely Texas politics, a forthcoming scandal is brewing based upon claims of The American Phoenix Foundation, headed up by ACORN nut-crusher Hannah Giles and her husband Joseph Basel.

Giles and Basel claim to have amassed over 800 hours of damning undercover videos, of both Republican and Democratic Texas lawmakers and lobbyists, doing stuff that wouldn’t make their grandmas very happy.

The undercover op, according to Giles and Basel, is to expose rank hypocrisy, systemic corruption with the added cherry on the top of showcasing inappropriate relationships between Texas lawmakers and lobbyists. Boom.

In other words, it’s House Of Cards stuff, in real time, and on steroids — and the legislatures and lobbyists are already starting to sweat what is forthcoming.

One thing I’d like to underscore from the aforementioned is that it’s not just Democrats getting outed in their videos, it’s Republicans also.

Matter of fact, the impetus behind this undercover sting at the Texas State Capitol came via Hannah’s seeing some big time conservative dipsticks (whom we all know and regularly watch on Fox News bashing Obama) at parties in DC, after her ACORN fame, hanging out and making out with chicks other than their wives while they “championed the cause of conservative/family values.”

Yes, my friends, this will be a bi-partisan ass whuppin’.

Grab some popcorn and a Coke because this is going be a good house cleaning.

It’ll be especially delicious for those of us who’re sick of business as usual while our nation is being screwed by folks who have sworn to represent our interests, and not their desire to “get laid and get paid”.

Which brings me to this point about this forthcoming expose for those of us of a conservative persuasion: Maybe, the reason we continue to scratch our head regarding why the Right so often sides with the Left on policy issues is maybe… just maybe… our rep’s are blackmailable based upon all the booty they’re tappin’ other than their wives? Who knows? We shall see..

Finally, my advice to the Texas Corrupt-O-Crats who’ve been ridin’ dirty on the Texas taxpayers’ dime is: You’d better get your house in order because it’s about to collapse … as in big time.

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