WTF: Two Dudes Busted in Plot To Kill Cops With Rocket Launchers

Published on May 19, 2015

Why would anyone want to be a cop anymore with people threatening to kill them with rocket launchers?

An informant’s tip led to the arrest of two central Florida men who authorities say were planning an attack on a police department using a rocket propelled grenade launcher and missiles.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday that the informant advised them last week that 32-year-old Christopher Conger and 29-year-old Jeremy Robertson planned the attack against the Eustis Police Department because of recent run-ins with officers.

“We haven’t been able to link them to any kind of group,” Major Terry Brevard told My Fox Orlando. “There is some sophistication to this outfit.”

Authorities served a search warrant and found 22 firearms, several containers of black powder, bullet proof vests, drugs and drug paraphernalia. No rocket launcher or missiles were found, but both men were charged early Saturday on various drug and weapons charges.

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