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BOOM: Navy SEAL & Army Ranger Fish Slap Daft Reporters Who Mocked ‘Lone Survivor’ & Brother

Liberal reporters went into a tizzy when they saw Marcus Luttrell, AKA ‘Lone Survivor’, and his brother Morgan, standing behind Gov. Rick Perry during a speech and had no clue who they were.

Writer for Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show“:

Washington Post Opinions Editor:

Former MSNBC Contributor:

Vice President for Media Matters:

Here were the responses from a Navy SEAL and Army Ranger who were interviewed by IJ Review.

From Navy SEAL Sniper Mark Matzeldelaflor:

“I just think that they look kind of silly when they misread the looks and expressions on their faces and try to spin it towards their agenda. Those guys love their country and they take it seriously, and that includes their involvement in politics

They’re just trying to spin it and discredit Perry to fit their own agenda. At the end of the day those guys are patriots and they sacrificed for their country.

The fact that those reporters don’t know who Marcus is actually shows how little research they do. It just takes a rudimentary search on the Internet to figure out who he is.”

Read more: IJ Review

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