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BOOM: This Man Was Stranded In a Flood – Until Blake Shelton Stepped In to Save the Day

Country star, Blake Shelton, did something incredible for a man who was stranded trying to cross a flooded highway.

A man who was stranded trying to cross a flooded highway in rural Oklahoma was saved after country music superstar Blake Shelton came to the rescue in his pick-up truck.

Roho Hartman, from the town of Ardmore, had tried to guide his own truck across a road that was choked with water in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bill, which caused chaos across the South this week.

But his vehicle stalled and he was left trying to push it home through the hilly countryside – until his celebrity savior pulled up in a Dodge.

Shelton pulled Hartman and his car to safety – then literally went the extra mile and took Hartman back to his home nearby when he was asked.

Hartman relived the encounter in an interview with local news station KFOR. He said: ‘I didn’t get a chance to get Blake’s number – but I did give him my card though… maybe you can get him on that Facebook, however that is – I don’t know nothing about it.

‘It’s great, he’s pretty good. He’s a good fella I think, I like him.’

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