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CONFEDERATE FLAG MUST GO? Then So Must the Democrats Since They Created It

Political and cultural elites have informed us the Confederate flag must go since they say it is a sign of racism, and if this is the case the Democratic Party, which created it, also must go. Failure to dissolve the Democratic Party is not an option. We must act.

Understanding why the Democratic Party must be dissolved first requires examining what has happened in the past few days involving the Confederate flag and the U.S.’ suddenly deciding that it is a symbol that needs to be destroyed.

I’m not from the South and so I don’t care about the Confederate flag. But I understand propaganda and controlling a narrative. Thus, I understand that those exploiting Dylann Roof slaughtering nine people are in control of a narrative meant to make another fundamental change to the nation. And the usual suspects of the GOP and the conservative establishment are playing into their hands by joining the calls to ban the Confederate flag. They are united in conditioning people to cry, “Racism!” merely at the sight of the flag, and subsequently to think of Southerners as the evilest of evil white men.

Nevertheless, some conservatives argue that removing the Confederate flag is the “right thing to do” even if the Democrat-Media Complex will use it to advance its cause. The Democrats also say it is the right thing to do even as that’s not what they really believe. Both groups have declared that the Confederate flag is undeniably a symbol of racism. Some have even compared the Confederates to the Nazis, saying we wouldn’t have dared allow the swastika to remain after the defeat of the Nazis. Therefore, all involved, communists and conservatives, have gone on record as saying that “doing the right thing”—regardless of how many people support it—is why the Confederate flag must go. And in making this decision and using these arguments they have all unknowingly condemned the Democratic Party.

If a failure to banish the Confederate flag is equivalent to a would-have-been failure to banish the swastika, then the failure to destroy the Democratic Party is equivalent to a would-have-been failure to destroy the National Socialists. After all, the Democratic Party created the Confederacy and the Confederate flag.

Therefore, the nation is now in an interesting position: allow the Democratic Party to continue existing and by our leaders’ own words allow the equivalent of the Nazi Party to continue existing, or do the right thing and forever dissolve it.

The choice is rather clear. The Democratic Party must go, and leaders of all stripes must demand it. After all, it is the right thing to do and as our leaders have already established with their demands for the banishment of the Confederate flag, doing the right thing is preeminent regardless of how many people it alienates or offends.

Every day the Democratic Party continues existing is a stain—the original sin—on the United States. Those who are demanding the removal of the Confederate flag but who will choose not to demand the dissolution of the Democrats will condemn themselves before both man and God.

There is no room for debate here. The country, with its decision on the Confederate flag, has set a precedent that now requires the dissolution of the Democratic Party. No more delays. No more debates. Disband this evil entity of racism once and for all. #NoMoreExcuses


Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.

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