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CONFIRMED: Terror Suspect, Killed By Cops, Was Plotting To Behead Pamela Geller, The ‘Draw Mohammed’ Organizer

Yet, the media still targets Pamela Geller and will label these people as the innocent victims of her cartoons. Does anyone else realize we have ‘BEHEADINGS’ now here in America? Beheadings, people.

The Boston terror suspect shot dead by a cop was planning to behead controversial anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller, a report suggests.

Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26, who was gunned down by law enforcement while wielding a knife on Tuesday, wanted to decapitate the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, according to CNN.

It was allegedly part of a scheme where he and David Wright, who had previously laughed about ISIS beheadings, wanted to murder a police officer as part of an imitation killing.

Geller, a conservative activist, was threatened by the Islamic State after organizing a Prophet Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, Texas, where two extremists were shot dead while trying to carry out an attack.

Geller, who is believed to have had an ‘army of security’ since becoming a target, told CNN’s Erin Burnett: ‘They targeted me for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily.

‘This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against this savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?’

ISIS quickly moved to claim the attack in Texas as its own, while calling for the death of Geller, and suggesting they have 71 ‘trained soldiers’ operating within America.

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