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THE RESULTS ARE IN: Democratic Controlled Cities Suck…Really Suck

The riots and ongoing murders in Baltimore are a tragedy. It is a deeper tragedy that we don’t learn from it.

Baltimore is not a failed city. It is a failed idea. Baltimore is the Democrat party. The city is divided on racial lines. The politicians exalted our differences rather than our common beliefs. The elected politicians are exactly the Democrat party … right down to their campaign donations. The problems of Baltimore are the rule not the exception. We see them in deep-blue city after city. Baltimore is a tragedy, but so was Detroit. We have many cities facing bankruptcy today. What will we learn from Baltimore?

The Baltimore riots are caused by corrupt government the same way the New Orleans floods were caused by a corrupt government who didn’t repair the levees. Of course Baltimore was mismanaged and neglected. It is always more important for politicians to pay their supporters than to do the public good.

Note that I said politicians rather than Democrat mayors. In this case, I’m describing a general rule that applies to both political parties. The chief job of a politician is to get elected. If the public good gets done or not, then so be it. The public good isn’t the politician’s job. The politician’s job is to get elected. All he needs is a good headline to paper over his graft.

We routinely see multi-million dollar projects produce a few jobs … and the media yawns and nods their blow-dried and styled approval. The media conveniently ignores that every job the government creates comes from a job the government has destroyed. It is a sadly familiar story. The Democrats simply do it faster. We see our progressive Democrat cities fail time and again in an all too predictable pattern.

Connect the dots for yourself. Government raises taxes and imposes more regulations “for the public good”. Employers are forced out of business or leave the city. Unemployment increases. Addiction soars. Crime increases. Families flee. Education fails. Poverty spreads. And the sly politician again prescribes more taxes that give him money … and more regulations that gives him power.

Baltimore has received billions of dollars in aid programs. Welfare payments and public works don’t change the final results. Maybe the politician will start a new hash tag campaign to deflect public outrage. #saveourcity

Young Americans may be shocked, but adults have seen this pattern play out before. Every government authority is subject to corruption. I’m sorry if you were told otherwise in public school.

There is an alternative. The few times it has been allowed to flourish, the free exchange of goods has made the world rich.  Capitalism is considered a failure because someone somewhere is still poor.

Compare that with what we see today. Government coercion has plunged the world into ruin time and again.  It is true in the US and true around the world. Yet, government control is considered a success because someone somewhere is better off.

Talk about unfair comparisons. I guess the facts don’t matter when politicians write history … and a fawning media promotes it.

What will we learn from Baltimore?


Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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