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DREAMS OF HIS FATHER: Here’s Why Obama’s Daddy Issues May Cause WW3

Obama’s daddy issues and his relationship to the Muslim world might just be the tipping point for WW3 according to this.

Everyone in America and abroad has been scratching their heads over President Obama’s never-ending search for fellowship with leaders of the Muslim world — leaders that often torture and kill their own citizens — men, women and children alike.  His incessant near-groveling to foreign Muslim leaders — from that first speech in Cairo, to the mind-boggling full bow to the Saudi King, to the never-ending concessions offered to Iran — has baffled almost everyone.

Now, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, suggests that perhaps the answer is rooted deep in Obama’s childhood. As reported by The Jerusalem Post:

In a piece Friday in Foreign Policy, Oren – who left Washington on October 1, 2013, and is now a Kulanu MK — charged that Obama was naïve as a peacemaker, had blinders to terrorism, and that his abandonment by both his Muslim father and step-father had something to do with his desire to be accepted by their “co-religionists.”

In other words, might Obama’s Muslim kowtowing be the result of daddy issues???

I’ve often wondered myself if President Obama’s view of the Muslim world was colored by his childhood growing up in Indonesia. I agree with Oren; the president’s naiveté in dealing with ISIS and Iran has been surprising. Another example of Obama’s never-ending bending over backwards for Muslims was his ordering NASA Chief Charles Bolden to use the space agency’s resources to, “find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”

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