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‘GAY’ AND BORN THAT WAY? The Bible Has an Answer for that Claim

One of the women in a Bible study I attend told my group that she recently attended a different church that was recommended to her by one of her friends. She said that when she got there and looked around, it was quite obvious that many of the people in attendance were openly gay couples. Even though she felt uncomfortable, she stayed and listened to the service.

She went on to state how uncomfortable she was even though she isn’t as “conservative” as some Christians. I immediately asked her what she meant by that. She seemed a bit surprised by my question, so I repeated the question. She told me that she believes people are born gay. So I ask her what she means by “born gay?” She simply said that she believes that there are people that really are born gay. I asked her if she knows of proof that there is a “gay gene?” She did not. I stated that the things I have read in the past seem to be in agreement that this type of “gene” has never been identified.

I also pointed out that I heard arguments that people are born alcoholics or addicts, born to be obese, born with depression or anxiety, etc. We both agreed that it is possible that many just “fill in the blank” with whatever they or a loved one is struggling with and say they were born that way. I ask her next if she agrees that doing this is truly just forming an opinion. I believe it makes everyone feel better. If the person engaging in an undesirable activity and the people around this person agree that this person can’t help themselves, the behavior truly does seem more normal.

So then I asked, so do you believe if a Christian truly is born gay then it is perfectly ok with God to engage in this life style? Now I got some stares, a couple encouraging nods, and some confused looks out of about 10 Christian women listening in to the conversation, so I continued.

I told her that I agree with her that some people have more of a tendency to become gay or have an addiction, etc. They may actually feel like they were born that way. So maybe there will be “gene isolation” in the future that supports that claim. Who knows? We do live in a sin-cursed world where all of God’s creation is affected and the condition is indeed worsening.

Then I said the same thing I said to my kids when they told me they were told that people are born gay… I said… So what? Doesn’t God tell us in the Bible that this is a sin? Romans 1: 24-27. Doesn’t God tell us to sin no more? Do we believe God when He says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways?” (Isaiah 55:8) Are we supposed to believe man who has a heart that is deceitful and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9) or God who is perfect?

In Genesis 3 we read about the fall of Adam and Eve. When they sinned they were the entire human race, therefore, we all fell. We are actually born sinners! “For we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. The Bible says that we are ALL born sinners. Do we all have different sin preferences? Yes we do. We are all born with sin running through our veins.

Does this make the behavior ok with God? Where in your Bible does it say that after the fall and entire Creation was cursed it is going to become perfectly ok with God for us to exercise our sin preferences openly in church and elsewhere? Read through 1 Corinthians to get an idea about how God wants believers to help other believers who engage openly in sexual immorality. Sounds kind of like tough love to me.

Did God say that when our sin preferences feel perfectly natural to us, we should engage and even encourage churches to accommodate gay Christian couples to the point where they don’t feel the least bit convicted? Once we are Christians, shouldn’t we feel a little convicted when we sin at all? Why do Christians even question whether people are born gay or not? Does it matter? The Bible identifies this behavior and many others as sin. God says in the Bible go and sin no more. (John 8:11)

If there is this much confusion about this issue in my women’s Bible study and the churches, I feel confident concluding that there is truly massive confusion throughout most of America. Every woman in my group represented a different church and has been attending church regularly for years. This argument can be solved quite easily with solid Biblical foundations and some logic. No wonder our country is in such a mess, when Christians can’t even engage in honest debate and take a solid stand with each other.


Judy Rice

Judy Rice is the proud mother of teenage triplets, Jillian, Spencer and Derek and wife to Gary, one of the most loving, hardworking, honorable men in the world. She is a Christian who is a huge fan of traditional marriage, freedom, and is pro- life to the core. She has a Masters in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before kids, she worked as a counselor, advisor and teacher at the university level. She clarified her world view in her thirties and believes her most valuable education continues to come from reading the Bible, reading in general, listening, paying attention and participating in meaningful communication wherever it occurs.

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