GOD BLESS TEXAS: Check Out How The Lone Star State Is Fighting the Gay Marriage Ruling

Leave it to Texas to defend religious liberty. They’re not giving in without a fight.

The Texas Attorney General has responded to the “newly invented federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage” created by the “activist” U.S. Supreme Court by telling Texas officials “Texas must speak with one voice against this lawlessness.” He issued an opinion and said Texans must “act on multiple levels to further protect religious liberties for all Texans” and must “immediately do anything we can to help our County Clerks and public officials who now are forced with defending their religious beliefs against the Court’s ruling.”

In a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated thatthe United States Supreme Court again ignored the text and spirit of the Constitution to manufacture a right that simply does not exist.”

Paxton continued, “In so doing, the Court weakened itself and weakened the rule of law, but did nothing to weaken our resolve to protect religious liberty and return to democratic self-government in the face of judicial activists attempting to tell us how to live.”

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The Attorney General called the majority opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges a “flawed ruling” and “flawed direction … on Constitutionality and applicable state laws.” He accused the five justices once again of “ignor[ing] the text and spirit of the Constitution to manufacture a right that simply does not exist.”

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