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by Denise Simon
Clash Daily Contributor

In 2013: TSA screeners allow fed agent with fake bomb to pass through security at Newark Airport

Now this week there is a formal report:

Report: TSA failed to catch 67 out of 70 threats

Transportation Security Administration officials failed to stop undercover agents carrying fake explosives or banned weapons through airport security during 67 out of 70 trials, a new report alleges.

According to ABC News, a new TSA report found that Homeland Security “Red Team” personnel, when posing as passengers, were easily able to smuggle dangerous materials through checkpoints.

Upon hearing the results of the tests, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson reportedly went to TSA headquarters in Northern Virginia for an in-person briefing. Officials told ABC that they have already implemented changes based on the results of the Red Team tests.

During one test, an undercover Homeland Security official was reportedly apprehended after he set off a magnetometer, but the TSA agents on the scene did not uncover a mock explosive taped to his back, even during a pat down.

Department of Homeland Security officials would not tell ABC when exactly the tests took place, though they did say in a statement that, after hearing of the results, “Secretary Johnson immediately directed TSA to implement a series of actions several of which are now in place, to address the issues raised in the report.”

In 2013, then-administrator of the TSA John Pistole told Congress that, because the Red Team is so familiar with the bureaus policies, they are able to get past security in ways “not even the best terrorists would be able to do.”

ABC also reported that the investigation found that in the past 6 years TSA has spent $540 million on baggage screening equipment and a further $11 million on training procedures without making any substantial upgrades.

Wait…it gets worse and Congress heard the testimony:

How well does the TSA protect Passengers in the USA?

Here are some examples:

TSA Aids Terrorists, Publishes Manual Online

“This is an appalling and astounding breach of security that terrorists could easily exploit,” said Clark Kent Ervin, the former inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security. “The TSA should immediately convene an internal investigation and discipline those responsible.”

TSA Loses 100,000 Employee Records

TSA Loses over 3700 Badges and Uniforms

Over 25,000 Airport Security Breaches Since 2001

TSA claims “Airports today are safer than ever before…”

TSA screeners Fail Most Bomb Tests

TSA worker Damages Nine Planes At O’Hare

TSA Workers Steal from Passengers

If TSA workers steal from the people they are supposed to be protecting, how can they be trusted to keep the nation safe from terrorism?

TSA supervisor ran theft ring at airport

Prosecutors say the agents would single out their targets for secondary security screenings, “during which time they would pocket cash found in their carry-on bags,” the New York Daily News writes.

TSA workers Caught On Tape Using Drugs

“Here at LAX we’re ahead of the curve on security measures.”

TSA workers caught in drug smuggling sting

TSA airport screener charged with distributing child pornography

Airport cop and TSA worker accused of stealing pizza and punching clerk

TSA worker allegedly abducts woman from airport, then assaults her

TSA agent in uniform flashes badge, assaults woman in residential area

Heck, just read the rest here from the Pilots Association.


Denis SimonDENISE SIMON is the Senior Research/Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for Stand Up America US as well as the aide de camp for MAJOR GENERAL PAUL E. VALLELY, US ARMY (ret). Her weekly show delves into the very deep and murky waters of foreign and domestic issues. Each week her guests include high level Intel people, former Flag Officers, DEA, CIA, NSA, etc… You name it…

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