HORRIFYING FOOTAGE: Thug Attacks and Robs 61-yr-old Woman with Hatchet


This thug is still on the loose after he assaulted this woman with an axe before robbing her.

This harrowing footage shows a hatchet-wielding thug break into a boozer and drag a terrified 61-year-old female staff member out by her hair.

The rampaging robber threatens her with the axe before stealing £100 from his petrified victim.

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The brutal assault took place on June 14 in Hastings – the vicious crook smashed his way into the town’s True Crime Museum, breaking through the door with a hatchet.

He filled bags with electrical items before leaving and turning his attention to the Pig in Paradise pub, just next door.

In a hideous scene reminiscent of horror flick The Shining, he hacks through the door with an axe before attacking the scared staff member.

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