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HUNDREDS OF BIKERS SCREAM INTO WACO: Bikers Protest Jailing of Fellow Bikers Over Deadly Shooting

Fellow bikers and people from the “Come and Take It” group showed up to protest the 177 bikers arrested in Waco, Texas.

Motorcyclists from across the state were planning to meet Sunday morning and ride through Waco as a show of protest to the handling of 177 bikers arrested after the May 17 shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant.

The Waco Freedom Ride is set to begin at the Sam’s Club on East Waco Drive before riding through the city in a mobile rally.

The motorcyclists organizing the event maintain 90 percent of the bikers jailed and facing a $1 million bonds were not guilty of any crime. The bikers were each arrested on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity for the bloody shootout that killed nine people and wounded 18. All those dead and wounded were bikers despite the fact that the melee happened at a crowded restaurant at noontime.

The rally is to protest actions taken by the Waco Police Department and local judges. At least 53 of those arrested have been released after their bonds were reduced, while another three bonded out on the $1 million amount.

About five people who say they are part of a group called “Come and Take It” showed up at the rally openly carrying rifles. They said they do not own motorcycles and arrived in cars.

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