I BELIEVE IN DOG: Reading Test Shows You What It’s Like To Be Dyslexic

Have you ever wondered what people with dyslexia see when they try to read? This graphic designer is showing the world just that.

Ever since he can remember, Daniel Britton faced a daily battle at school.

‘I was diagnosed when I was young as a partial-dyslexic, but no one understood it,’ the 25-year-old told

‘I remember when I was eight-years-old, all I got was try harder, read harder, you’re lazy, you’re stupid, you’re thick’.

Now a successful graphic designer, Britton has found a way to convey those feelings of frustration using his own font, dubbed Dyslexia.

Using Helvetica as a base, the Dyslexia font removes around 40 per of the typeface’s lines.

The aim is to make the average reader take their time when attempting to decipher the letters in the words and sentences.

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