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JUST ONE MORE LIE? Gay Pride Parades and Their Bulging Attendance Numbers

As usual my Houston news channels supply me with so much journalistic fodder, I just can’t help myself but to write about it. Today Channel Eleven morning news had Frankie Quijano the CEO of “Pride Houston” as a guest, who was there to announce the upcoming Houston gay parade. What is interesting are some of his supposable facts.

I take particular exception with this one, Frankie said, “We have grown exponentially in our attendance, when we first started 10 years ago, we had an attendance of 75,000 and now we’re at about 425,000, and we’re expected to grow more and more.” (Tweets are saying that Houston has 37 years of gay-parade history, but Frankie said 10 years and the proceeding is his quote)

As a side note before I get back to Frankie’s bulging parade attendance numbers…The news woman innocently or ignorantly asked him, “For those who have never attended a gay pride parade can you give us a TASTE of what it’s like, of what happens there?” …Melissa, really? You have got to get out more, girl!

Frankie squirmed a little with that question, his body language was blazing, sitting Frankie exponentially straighter up in his chair than he had been, with his eyelashes flittering and his mouth curling at their corners before he proceeded to stutter out his next sentence, maybe he was having memory flashbacks of the TASTE of previous parade events, if ya know what I mean.

So let’s take a look at his thrown-up figure of 425,000 attendees. Let’s do a comparison, the Texans NFL team plays at the NRG Stadium, which Wikipedia says holds “90 thousand” admiring fans… pause and think about that. The packed-out stadium holds less than a quarter of all who – supposedly — attend a Houston gay parade, I’m calling b.s! When the NFL is in town on game day, the roads and freeways for miles around are packed, there are road signs, cops and cone-offs everywhere. Yet what do you see and hear on Houston highways and byways in comparison on gay pride day?…pretty much crickets. Yet supposedly four times the amount of people are in town at this parade than on a football game day. Yeah, right.

Wikipedia shows that at the 2014 annual gay parade of San Francisco, the grand parade of all gayness, had just 100,000 in attendance.

One thing for sure: the liberal left have no problem lying to bolster their argument. Their current mentors Hillary, Bill and Obama can and do lie, straight-faced to the camera and the plethora of reporters.

There is also no problem exaggerating the figures when Houston’s own mayor is a lesbian. Or maybe Frankie misspoke and meant to say 42,500. Either way channel eleven has perpetuated the lie by reporting the same figures in their following hour of news broadcasting. I’m just curious, but how come no one ever calls b.s. on liberal causes and their statistics????
Interestingly the “Pride Houston” parade Tweeter account that channel eleven showed (on the screen) shows only 2770 followers.

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