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LAME @SS MEDIA: Brings Up Rubio’s Speeding Tickets While Ignoring #Hillary’s Crimes & Lies

I’m pretty sure the only reason Hillary hasn’t had any speeding tickets we know of is because the dead broke politician hasn’t driven a car in so many years.

Marco Rubio’s race to the White House may be on full-speed, but it seems both the Republican presidential candidate from Florida and his wife like to go even faster on the streets.

Rubio, 44, and his wife Jeanette have had a combined 17 traffic citations since 1997, getting tickets for speeding, running red lights and careless driving, according to Miami-Dade and Duval County court dockets.

Thirteen of those citations belonged to Jeanette and Rubio was responsible for four, according to the New York Times report on the couple’s records.

Rubio received his first citation in 1997 for careless driving. He paid a fine and attended voluntary driving classes.

Read more: Daily Mail

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