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LEMONADE NAZIS: Killjoy Busy-Bodies Shut Down Kid’s Lemonade Stand

There are bigger fish to fry than shutting down a lemonade stand for two little girls trying to raise money to buy their dad a Father’s Day gift.

OVERTON, TX (KLTV) – A little summer fun was spoiled by police in Overton, and state health laws. Andria and Zoey Green wanted to raise $105 for a Father’s Day present.

“We were trying to raise some money to take our dad to Splash Kingdom,” 8-year-old Andria explains.

They had been open for about an hour and had already made more than $25, when police showed up, initially because they were set up near the curb in a residential street.

“A code enforcement officer and the chief, she called me to the side and said we needed a permit,” Sandi recalls.

The City agreed to waive the $150 fee for a ‘Peddler’s Permit,” but the health department would prove a bigger problem.

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