LIBERAL FASCISM: These People Made a Map of All the ‘Racist’ Monuments They Want Torn Down

Label everything racist and silence the dissenters: this is the strategy of the left, and they just got a huge foot in the door with the confederate flag. Now they’re wanting to find everything in our country that they see as ‘racist’ and tear it down.

With more and more politicians condemning the Confederate battle flag, we probably won’t see that lasting image of American racial strife being flown on the state capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina, for much longer.

The Civil War ended 150 years ago, but physical signs of its presence are seen all over the South: monuments, courthouses, schools, cities, counties. They can even be found in places you wouldn’t expect, as far afield asRidgefield, Washington, or Helena, Montana.

We pulled together all the mentions we could find of monuments to the Confederacy and its leaders off Wikipedia and created the map below. The highlighted regions are the former Confederate States of America.

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