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LOSING THE CULTURE: America at the Edge, But We Can Still Save It

Are you feeling joyous today? Did you get up this morning filled with optimism and a sense that things are getting better for you? If you have children, are you confident that they will have a more meaningful and opportunity filled life than you have had? I don’t think so either.

I’m not paranoid or unreasonably pessimistic and neither are you. We have very good reasons to be concerned with what we see happening to our country, our culture, and indeed our lives. A country once firmly rooted in the idea of individual sovereignty with a government operating solely based on our consent is being commandeered. Now sovereign citizens are viewed as threats that need to be controlled and silenced.

And it starts at the top. We have a president that simply does not share our view of America. He clearly prefers totalitarian Marxism to constitutional republicanism. I believe his Christian image is a sham too and if not a practicing Muslim he is certainly very sympathetic and supportive of the goals of Islam. Marxism and Islam are the antithesis of our American way of life and this country elected him twice. Do we have a death wish?

The Democratic Party in Washington has been purged of anyone who would adhere to or defend the Constitution. It has veered so far to the left that Democratic icons like Truman and Kennedy would be drummed out of the party today.

Of greater concern and frustration, though, is the fact that the Washington Republicans are leaving the Constitution behind just as fast. The Democrats at least make it very clear that they are pushing for iron-fisted government control. Republicans however talk a good a conservative game but never deliver on their promises.

How long have we heard the Republicans say they will protect our southern border and build the appropriate barrier to stop illegals from just walking into our country? What happened to all that talk about repealing Obamacare during the last election cycle? They were all campaigning on that, pledging to rid us of this destructive legislation if we just gave them control of the Senate. Well, we delivered and they haven’t.

What we are seeing is an unholy melding of government with corporate interests. The vast majority of those in Congress are bought and paid for by one corporate interest or another.

Why isn’t the border closed? Big Corporate wants the cheap labor. Why haven’t they worked to repeal Obamacare? Major corporate interests benefit by keeping it in place.

Big corporate interests were cheering Obama on in his quest for the just defeated Pacific Rim trade initiative (we’ll hear about this again soon I’m sure). This is a bill that was kept secret from you and me. We had to turn to WikiLeaks to learn about some of the provisions of this pact that, if implemented, would erode our national sovereignty and begin to elevate corporations to statehood. Is this where the elites want to take us – no more geographic borders just different P&Ls?

We constantly hear from this government through its corrupt sophists, the mainstream media, that the American citizen is the problem. We are racist. We are sexist. We are homophobic. We are destroying the climate. We consume too much of the world’s resources. We have stolen the wealth of the third world. We are selfish.

I am sick and tired of hearing this Alinskian nonsense. We are not the problem but we have a problem. We have a terrible problem. And the fact is that we have lost the culture in this country. A culture gets the government it deserves and it’s no different here. The thugocracy now controlling Washington is our fault because we have not fought for our culture and the values that have made America great.

American culture is rapidly turning away from the idea that we are all created beings and that our personal sovereignty and unalienable rights come from a perfect Creator who exists beyond time, space, and matter/energy.

Instead, the culture has bought into the idea that the only thing that exists is the material world. And therefore, human life arrived through random, unguided, unintelligent processes and is just a lucky accident. Our great secular thinkers tell us that human life really has no value or purpose. We just came from nothing, by nothing, for nothing. Wow, how liberating!

With this kind of worldview, is it any surprise that we see our leaders lie to us? Is it any wonder that we see our leaders sell their influence to the highest bidder? Is it not to be expected that our leaders steal from us to keep themselves in power?

When we believe there is just the material world, concepts like morality and truth become whatever the ones with the most power want them to be. It starts with political correctness but spirals into something much worse.

There is still time to turn the tide. There are still plenty of us who see this clearly. Ready to get engaged?


John Tutten

John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.

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