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LOVE MONKEY: Japanese Women Are Going Nuts Over This ‘Good-Looking’ Gorilla

A gorilla that is ‘too handsome’? Man, these Japanese chicks must really have slim pickins with dudes.

A gorilla who grew up in an Australian zoo has become a heartthrob among women in Japan.

Shabani the gorilla, who now lives in Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, has attracted a large following of admirers who visit him because he is so ‘handsome’.

The western lowland gorilla was raised at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo but moved to Japan in 2007.

Zoo officials said there had been a notable increase in young female visitors thanks to Shabani, Chunichi reported.

Shabani’s rise to fame has been fuelled largely by Twitter, where fans post pictures of him claiming he is ‘too handsome’.

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