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MAN STUFF: This Dude Just Took a Crap On Guys Who Shave Their Beards

What do you think dudes? To shave or not to shave? This guy gives you the tools to not shave.

Yesterday we received a reader tip announcing the arrival of the ‘Dollar Beard Club’, a dollar-a-month club that just put the dollar shaving club in its crosshairs. Instead of encouraging you to shave, the Dollar Beard Club (video above) is selling oils, waxes, and brushes starting at just $1/month, and trying to reverse this trend of bros shaving off their beards. It seems like just a year ago having a beard was a necessary requirement of masculinity, but in the past 12 months shaving has seen a renaissance and beards are on their way out. I’m not here to discuss which side of the spectrum you’re on (beard or baby face), all I’m doing today is sharing this glorious video with you and introducing you to the Dollar Beard Club.

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