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MCKINNEY POOL PARTY TEEN: Uses Attention from Race Baiters to Jump Start Her Modeling Career

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Only in Obamaland can a black teen girl organize an out-of-control party, force a police officer to fear for his life and step down, and then land a modeling gig.

It was the Texas pool party that forced a police officer to resign and go into hiding, fearing for his life.

But now the organizer of the out-of-control event in McKinney – where a mob of over 100 youngsters descended upon a private swimming pool and childrens park for a riotous event called the Dime Piece Cookout – is using the controversy to launch a herself as a fledgling model.

In a press release sent out Wednesday, the organizer, Tatanya Rhodes, said that she will turn the ‘negative attention of the unfortunate McKinney pool party events into a positive jumpstart for her modeling career’.

According to the statement, an Atlanta photographer saw pictures of Tatyana in an online story about the pool party and traveled to Texas to conduct her first professional photoshoot. 

The photographer, Tay Brown, believes Rhodes has quite a future ahead of her – thanks, in large part, to the controversy she caused.

‘The truth is she had already become famous,’ Brown told The New York Daily News. 

‘She had been on interview – locally, nationally, everywhere.

‘She was famous, just not in a positive way.’

Read more: Daily Mail

Here are some of her pictures…

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