MEGYN KELLY: Just Revealed Something About Freddie Gray That’s a REAL Gamechanger

Megyn Kelly just revealed something about the witness in the Freddie Gray trial that changes everything.

A key witness in the prosecution of the Baltimore Six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray may have tried to lie his way out of a predicament that found him inadvertently supporting the defense in that explosive, racially charged case. That’s what has just been revealed on the Fox News show The Kelly File.

On her show Monday night, Megyn Kelly reported that Donta Allen — the man who was in the van with Gray and who was said to have told investigators he heard Gray banging around violently and possibly trying to hurt himself — could be in trouble for changing his story. And if, as Kelly said, Allen is on videotape telling his first version of the story about Gray’s possible attempt to injure himself, that could prove to be a “reasonable doubt” defense for the Baltimore Six.

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