MICHAEL SAM SUCKS: The Much Ballyhooed Gay Football Player Canned By CFL

This seems to happen to Michael Sam everywhere he goes.

The Montreal Alouettes announced they placed defensive endMichael Sam on their suspended list Monday, three days after he left the team’s training camp for personal reasons.

Moving Sam to the suspended list frees up his roster spot as Montreal continues making adjustments to prepare for the regular season. The team also announced the release of six players Monday.

On June 16, Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette reported the sentiment picking up steam in the locker room was that Sam sensed he wasn’t good enough to make the roster and “left to save himself and the organization embarrassment.”

By suspending Sam rather than releasing him outright, Montreal retains the defensive end’s rights, according to Zurkowsky.

Sam, 25, left Montreal training camp Friday for undisclosed “personal reasons.”

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