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MOM CATCHES 907LB. TUNA AFTER 4HR. BATTLE: Bow And Kiss Her Ring All Metrosexuals Males

That is one big Tuna! You go girl. Forward to all the metro dudes you know who whine about chipping their nail.

A 56-year-old fisher who battled for more than four hours to reel in a three-metre tuna has been awarded the prestigious international award for hauling in the 411.6kg monster fish.

Donna Pascoe, of Auckland, caught the record-breaking Pacific bluefin near the Three Kings Islands off Cape Reinga in New Zealand last year.

The mother-of-two came out on top, from more than 800 other candidates, for the Best World Record award at the recent International Gamefish Association Awards in the U.S.

Ms Pascoe, who began fishing in 2007, told Daily Mail Australia that judges of the awards were impressed by the rough sea conditions in which the fish was caught.

She says her mammoth catch, the largest to be caught by a woman in New Zealand, is proof that women are just as skilled as men at fishing.

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