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MONTEL AND THE ‘DIVINE MISS M’: Deliriously Delighted at the Duggars’ Devastation

Yeesh — I thought the eruption of schadenfreude from New-England-Patriots-dissers against quarterback Tom Brady was unsettling -– but “Deflategate” ain’t anything.

At least not compared to the slavering glee storming social media over “Duggargate”. Now  that is positively gob-smacking.

Twenty-seven-year-old Josh Duggar, oldest scion of Jim Bob and Michelle, whose 19 Kids and Counting was one of TLC’s most popular reality-TV offerings, has admitted to molesting – described as “inappropriate touching” — several young girls, approximately twelve years ago;  some of his sisters among them. Mom and Dad Duggar addressed the situation — but not forcefully enough by the reckoning of some howling detractors. 

The series was unceremoniously yanked from the network’s broadcast schedule. Paying sponsors fled. Josh Duggar issued a public mea culpa and promptly resigned his position with the high-profile, pro-family, pro-traditional-marriage Family Research Council (FRC). 

Still, forces on the Gay-is-grand, Real-Christianity-s*cks Left can barely contain their outrage; or their giddiness. 

Television personality Montel Williams, for instance: Upon this news’ breaking, the fifty-eight-year-old, former talk-host gloatingly blasted the perpetrator, his family, even his employer. “Josh Duggar is a bigot, slimebag. Whole family is, and FRC is a scam.” 

Of course, Williams lurched to Luke 6:37 (“Judge not, lest you be judged”), the favorite, go-to Scripture for those wanting to ignore the rest of what the Bible teaches.

I’d long regarded Montel as a not particularly penetrating, standard-issue, celebrity-culture liberal — but his stock inched up a bit  in my index  owing to his recent efforts focusing attention on Marines wrongly imprisoned abroad. His venomous, hysterical rants in this Duggar matter, however, have tempered even that; it develops he’s just another spouter of fuzzy-headed leftism.

“And to those who claim I hate Christians,” fumed Williams toward some of his Duggar-supporting critics , “how dare you?”

Well, Montel, maybe because of tweets like this: “Josh Duggar, a world class bigot … has consistently stated that LGBT folks r a danger to kids … NOPE, JOSH DUGGAR IS.” [Emphasize in original].

You got us, Montel! All those homosexual pedophiles caught flagrante delicto? Studies that indicate male “gays” are ten times more likely to engage in sex with minors? They’re plainly a figment of the Duggar’s “slimebag”, “bigoted” hallucinations!

And homosexuality in general, of which, apparently, you’re rather a fan? It’s condemned by the same Bible you comically and selectively cite to trash this family, historically rejected by all the world’s “great religions”, never -– until recently -– rated as equivalent to heterosexual, child-producing sexual activity and demonstrably unhealthy for its practitioners.

But, you say: THE DUGGARS!! — harrumphing that Josh’s teen misbehavior and what you deem his parents’ deficient reaction render moot the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Words of Jesus, the wisdom of the New Testament and of the ages. 

You blast as “rhetorical terrorism” the unabashed expression of conventional, Biblical morality by Christians like the Duggar’s and groups like the Family Research Council. So, a follower of Christ who embraces and professes a standard of sexual behavior which, until at least a few decades ago, all churches endorsed is … a terrorist? 

By the way, Montel, the “Whole [Duggar] family” are “bigot[s]” and “slimebag[s]” according to your indictment? Does that include the heretofore unnamed sisters/victims? And are nine-year-old Johanna and six-year-old Jordyn-Grace villains, too? After all, they’re among the vile Duggar-spawn, right? 

Seems to me you’re coming across as awfully “judgmental”, my friend. 

So, Montel, you’ll have to pardon those of us who, in light of the muddle-headed viciousness of your assault on this clan, aren’t particularly moved by your smoldering pique at being disparaged for anti-Christian hostility.

Then there’s singer/actress Bette Midler. The sixty-nine-year-old chanteuse hopped elatedly on Twitter to cluck, “Josh Duggar resigned from an anti-gay ‘family’ group due to molestation allegations. Kids, is there anything more delicious than irony?” 

The “Divine Miss M” — or “Bathhouse Betty”, as she’s also been known for her early-1970’s gay bathhouse performances — is on record that “I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement”. The implications of her snark toward the Duggar’s and the Family Research Council? People like this foul brood — homophobes all of ’em! — are repugnant hypocrites. They’re getting what they deserve. Yippeeee!! 

A cursory social media scan confirms: Montel and Ms. Midler aren’t the odd-men-out in their vindictive relish at Josh, Jim Bob and Michelle’s tribulations . Legions of small-minded libertines are thrilled it’s been certified the Duggar family hasn’t always been perfect, at times falling short of even their own Bible-energized ideals.

Let’s be clear about two things: What Josh Duggar did was reprehensible. Unacceptable. Wrong. (Duhh.) I’ll go one further than a lot of Duggar-despisers who normally snort at Christian principles: it was sinful. 

Nonetheless,  a humongous share of the widespread animosity toward this household is only tangentially related to their eldest son’s, long-ago-and-fully-repented-of dirty deeds. Internet- and media-wide jubilation at their sudden straits has mushroomed maniacally because: 

1) An awful lot of folks don’t much like Jesus — the Biblical Jesus, that is. The cooing, baby-in-the-manger Jesus or pop culture’s teary-eyed, “Judge Not” Jesus? He’s tolerated in some circles, even occasionally ballyhooed with a kind of faux faith. Yet, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Lord of All, Who summons men to radical obedience and holiness? The Duggar’s undeniably profess a devotion to Him — so oodles of those not terribly thrilled with their Jesus are thrilled at their downfall. 

2) Vast tranches of Western Civilization are so sold out to the cultic, abortion-is-wonderful ideology they viscerally snarl at large families of any kind – among which, you may have noticed, the Duggars qualify. Every fetus surviving the womb after the second or — Margaret Sanger forbid! — third kid serves a slap in the face to battalions of “working women” who’ve burned out their child-bearing years chasing career “success”, man-haters, pro-abort cheerleaders (including scores  of obsequious males) and God-ragers who resent they were born with ovaries instead of testicles. 

3) For whatever failings they evince, the Duggars’ entire lifestyle is a stinging affront to the sex-crazed, cleavage-fixated, party-hardy, carpe-diem dementedness of 21st century society. Children who are comparatively well behaved, disciplined, polite? Raised to aim at matrimony versus crude recreational hook-ups at the local club? Girls who carry themselves with anachronistic modesty?

Outer-space aliens! And preachy ones at that!

4) They’re Southerners: “Jim Bob”, for goodness sake? Trashing a bunch of “hayseed” Arkansans –- for whatever reason which might present itself — delivers an especial tingle of superiority for snooty Northeasterners and sophisticated West Coasters.

5) The Duggars are glaringly, obliviously “uncool”. All their offspring’s’ names begin with the letter “J”. Get a load of the relatively conservative attire. (No chance any Duggar daughter will be confused with Miley Cyrus). Church-going home-schoolers! A soft-spokenly feminine, stay-at-home wife/mother.

How could any self-respectingly trendy secularist resist piling on this family in their desperate hour?

Yes, a hormone-addled Josh Duggar did a very bad thing a dozen years ago. His folks might have committed a misstep or two in their anguished reaction to it. And that part of the populace who loathe everything this family represents couldn’t be high-fivingly happier about it.

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Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.

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