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MUSLIM MONSTER: This Pic of the Tunisia ISIS Killer Strolling the Beach Is Chilling

This picture of the ISIS terrorist strolling the beach with machine gun in hand before gunning down 38 people is chilling.

Machine gun in hand, the ISIS gunman calmly strolls down the Tunisian beach where he gunned down 38 innocent tourists in cold blood.

A truly chilling image shows Seifeddine Rezgui walking through the shallow water in Sousse with his AK47 – casually passing abandoned inflatables as a group of men keep their distance behind him.

The jet ski seen on the left-hand side of the picture could be the one he used to land on the beach, as eyewitnesses claimed.

It is unclear whether the photograph was taken before or after he stained the very sand he walks on with the blood dozens of holiday makers in the popular resort town.

It emerges shortly after the Tunisian Foreign Minister announced at least 15 Britons were killed in the onslaught and that number ‘may well rise’. 25 of the 40 people who are being treated for their injuries in hospital are also British.

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