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‘NEXT ON THE HIT LIST’: Rush Says American Flag Will Be Targeted by Left as ‘Symbol of Hate’

Rush Limbaugh predicts that after the Left if through with removing the Confederate flag, they will take aim the American flag next because they believe it to be a ‘symbol of hate’. What do you think?

“Do not doubt me,” he said. “The next flag that will come under assault — and it will not be long — is the American flag.”

“If you take a look at the timeline of progressive events, their speed and rapidity with which the left is conducting this assault on all of these American traditions and institutions, if you don’t think the American flag’s in their crosshairs down the road, you had better stop and reconsider,” Limbaugh continued.

“It isn’t gonna be long before the American flag is gonna cause chills, fear, scary thoughts,” he said. “It’s gonna make me nervous, the American flag, when I see the American flag, it’s a symbol of hate.”

H/T BizPac Review

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