OBAMA’S CHARLESTON DELUSION: Here’s The Truth About Guns That Liberals Don’t Want You to Know

Written by Ashley Lauren on June 24, 2015

Last week, nine innocent people were violently murdered at the hands of a socially inept, racist coward in South Carolina. For those of us with half of a brain, we understand exactly what took place inside the Emanuel AME Church. A very troubled young man with a very distorted view of the world decided to act on his delusions. President Obama, however, saw it differently.

He believes that guns slaughtered nine people in the middle of prayer, not Dylann Roof. That guns are the problem and their overall presence in our daily lives is too much of a threat to warrant people owning them at all.

It is the opinion of this blogger that President Obama’s stance on guns can be summarized in the form of a very simple scientific theory. We’ll even give the concept a name:

Barack Obama’s Quantum Theory for the Preservation of Human Life

Object X is an inanimate, man-made product which depends on a human operator to function. Unfortunately, Object X has been involved in the death of tens of thousands of Americans every year. Therefore, to save tens of thousands of lives, Object X should be banned.

It’s a simple concept, until you conduct some even simpler research and realize that President Obama and others pick and choose what they plug into this equation for “Object X” to further their own political agendas.

Ready for an example? Consider the following numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and the FBI.

Total Firearm Fatalities in 2013: 33,636

Total Motor Vehicle Fatalities in 2013: 33,804

Total Fatalities by Gun in Mass Shootings between 2006-2013: 934

Total Drunk Driving Fatalities in 2013: 10,076

Let’s analyze. We can all agree that a gun and a motor vehicle are both inanimate, man-made products which depend on a human operator to function. In 2013, both played a role in the deaths of roughly the same amount of people. Based on those two facts, either can be plugged in for Object X in our theory above.

Further, if we begin analyzing specific types of fatalities where guns and motor vehicles played a role, like drunk driving and mass shootings, we find that motor vehicles far surpassed firearms. Based on these findings, the President should be holding a press conference announcing a new executive order to ban your beloved Prius any day now.

Not only is the President’s stance on guns a callous display of hyperbole, but an gross act of hypocrisy. He has chosen to spend his time in office picking on the Second Amendment, while turning a blind eye to everything else around it…and him.

Ashley Intartaglia is a Florida native, Senior Vice President of an award winning political media and communications firm, and a frequent commentator on Fox News and Newsmax TV. She is also a passionate animal advocate and volunteer at a local shelter.