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PIZZA THUG: Lawyer Says the D.C. Mansion Killer Couldn’t Have Done It for THIS Ridiculous Reason

Is this really his defense? Good luck using that in court and facing up against actual facts and evidence. Besides, who in the world doesn’t like pizza?!

The former lawyer of D.C. quadruple murder suspect Daron Dylon Wint claimed over the weekend that the 34-year-old couldn’t possibly have committed the grisly killings because… he doesn’t like pizza. Appearing on Fox & Friends on Monday morning, that lawyer — Robin Ficker — battled Kimberly Guilfoyle over that extraordinary claim.

In this debate, Ficker maintained that DNA evidence is “junk science,” and that the traces of Wint’s DNA found on pizza crust in the Savopoulos home indicate nothing about whether Wint was present during the killings.

“[Wint’s] mother doesn’t like pizza, his sister doesn’t like pizza, his brother doesn’t like pizza,” Ficker told Guilfoyle. “He’s got five sisters, three brothers, they’re from Guyana. There’s no Papa Johns. It’s a British-speaking country in South America. It has 750,000 people. It’s the size of Kansas. They don’t have pizza there.”

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