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PRISON ESCAPE: Damsels Who Keep Petting the Rattlesnakes

This last week in upstate New York, 51 year old Joyce Mitchell, a prison employee (I just read that she taught tailoring at the prison) was arrested for aiding and abetting escaped convicted murderers – chop you up in little pieces – Richard Matt and his more than likely stoolie, David Sweat. She has been charged with providing prison contraband which is a felony and she is also charged with a misdemeanor (once all the details come out her charges could compound expeditiously.)

Girlfriend … can we talk? Joyce baby, you are an older, frumpy, chubby chick, do you really think these criminally inclined boys gave a crap about you? You were nothing more than a means to an end.

Prison is not a country club, although the male inmate population treats it as such. By the way as a side note, if you juror’s think sending someone away for life is “punishment”, well you’re wrong. Only those that don’t know what goes on inside think that,. In reality, it’s a garsh darn party, hanky-panky included!

Joyce’s misstep is not as isolated as you may think, her mistake was getting caught when her pet rattlesnakes decided they wanted to escape, therefore exposing her secret life. Now she will more than likely spend 10-20 years locked up in a prison herself, she will have plenty of time to think about what a fool she was.

At a Texas maximum security prison (where I worked) stupid damsels, aka female guards, were getting totted out in handcuffs a couple times a week, week after week, for petting the rattlesnakes. Wake-up!…it’s a crime! The revolving door of deceived damsels is never ending there. The stories I could tell you!

Women don’t belong working in a prison, period. I found that out first hand and quit, talk about dumb-blonde. Locked up males and free roaming damsels are a recipe for disaster. Inmates have nothing better to do all day than pay attention to, talk to and flirt with their target. And what does the average free-world female complain about? That her boyfriend, husband or lover doesn’t talk to or pay attention to her … yep, the damsels’ lack of attention will be met inside those prison walls and then the target is owned.

A little inside info: when a female guard or employee is willing to flirt, word gets out, she then will have to wear a “raincoat” (think about it) to do her runs.

Let me just say, Joyce baby’s upcoming trial will be juicy and saturated with sordid details that will make 50 Shades of Gray blush. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.



++++Allen is an old-enough-to-know-better, concerned American. Lover of God and Country, wife and mother of three grown twenty-something babies. Crusading the fight against "real" social injustice issues, and liberal idiots, anywhere I find it, and them. She's written a book available on The Underbelly of a Mega Church Image: Joan of Arc; Courtesy of: Archivo:Portrait_jeanne_d%27arc.jpg